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Help with Swiss tax return

The issue of taxes is a burden for most of us. has compiled a wealth of information for you to provide you with the best possible support for your tax return in Switzerland.

Advantages of tax consulting

Tax refund

With a professional tax advisor, your chances of a refund increase.

Deadlines become

Deadlines for filing tax returns are met or extended in a timely manner.

Personal contact

Tax experts can address individual circumstances & advise accordingly.

Which canton is the most favorable?

In Switzerland, there are different tax rates, which each canton can set itself. Here you will find an overview of the current income tax rates by canton.

Tax return for self-employed

Anyone who is self-employed in Switzerland is required to submit an annual tax return to their cantonal tax administration. Read our article to find out what else self-employed persons should pay attention to when filing their tax returns and what they can deduct.

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Tax revenues in 2020

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Tax return mandatory?

Who must file a tax return?

Filing a tax return in Switzerland is mandatory for certain individuals. Find out who is required to file a mandatory tax return annually.

Which invoices can I deduct?
Increase spending?

What can I deduct for tax purposes?

The higher your expenses that you can claim for tax purposes, the lower your tax burden. But which expenses can I offset on my tax return?