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Have tax return filled in

Get free quotes now and have a professional complete your tax return.

Why should I have my tax return completed by an expert?

If you want to make sure that you complete your tax return without errors and receive maximum deductions, the help of a tax expert is essential. The complexity and fear of possible criminal prosecution sometimes drives Swiss citizens to make questionable decisions. For example, the auditing firm Ernst & Young employs 20 people in India specifically to complete thousands of Swiss tax returns each year.

You should not let it get that far. helps you to find a competent tax advisor who is at your disposal on short ways.

Find a tax advisor and file a tax return

The Swiss tax system is a complex construct due to the federal structure of Switzerland. Taxes are levied at three levels: From the federal government, the 26 cantons and the approximately 2,000 municipalities. Especially with the numerous regional peculiarities, it is difficult to keep track.

Here you will find the most important information about your tax return. You will not only learn what you need to consider when filling out your tax return and how you can save time and money in the process. If you decide to seek competent advice from a tax expert arranged by us, he or she will remove all stumbling blocks for you.

What do I need to consider when filling out the tax return?

By March 31, the tax return for the previous year must be submitted to most cantons. However, you can apply for an extension of the deadline to the tax administration of the relevant canton or municipality, which will generally be granted.

If you have not submitted the tax return on time, you will receive a reminder. If you continue to fail to complete and file your tax return thereafter, you risk a fine and will be assessed at the discretion of the tax authorities. Therefore, although filling out the tax return is a chore, it is worthwhile to adhere to the deadlines.

You should have the following documents ready for the tax return:

  • Ihren Lohnausweis
  • Die Kontoauszüge Ihrer Bank beziehungsweise Ihre Postkontoauszüge
  • Die Belege zu Wertschriften, zu den Beiträgen in die Säule 3a (freiwillige Vorsorge) und zu besonderen Einzahlungen in die 2. Säule (Pensionskasse BVG) sowie zu Weiterbildungen
  • Zusammenstellung der Krankheits- und Berufskosten
  • Spendenbelege
  • Für Wohneigentümer: Sämtliche Unterlagen zu Liegenschaftssteuer, Schuldzinsen, alle Rechnungen für Renovationsarbeiten, Betriebs- und Verwaltungskosten

If you have not submitted all relevant supporting documents, the tax authority will ask for the missing documents during the audit. Therefore, keep all important documents in a safe place. The limitation periods vary from canton to canton. We advise you to keep the receipts for up to 15 years after the end of the tax period.

Once you have submitted the tax return, it will be checked in the electronic assessment system. Once you have all the required documents, your tax factors will be determined, i.e. your taxable income and assets. Your tax payment for the past year is based on this.

Where can I save taxes?

In addition, there are other legal tricks that you can use to save taxes. However, all points are subject to special rules that are difficult to overview and understand. To get the maximum savings from your tax return, you should consult a qualified tax professional. This person is not only very familiar with the Swiss tax system, but is also your permanent contact for all your questions.